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Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

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Now introducing the first underwater treadmill for lambs, goats, and hogs!

This treadmill features full stainless steel and aluminum construction

  • Rehabilitate sore muscles and joint issues when running in low water levels
  • Create more pull and push resistance to build deeper muscle in mid and high water levels
  • Reduces down pressure on joints and ligaments for a safer workout in high water levels

My favorite feature of the underwater treadmill is that it is still equipped with all of the features of our regular dry treadmills so you can replace it with our underwater treadmill for running dry forwards and backwards!

Includes Pump, Fittings, Water filter, and water additive that hydrates hide, kills fungus, and clears water


220 Volts
10 amps
Variable speed
Folding front-foot stand
Built in metal pallet for forklift
Forward & Backwards exercise
Nationwide shipping
All inclusive 1 year warranty

275 gallon water tank and PVC tubing sold separate

Be aware we have an estimated 4-6 week lead time from when you order your treadmill

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