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Shipping Info

Here’s what you need to know

Shipping prices can be scary to some people but just keep in mind the opportunity cost if you had to drive across the country to pick up the equipment vs if you had a freight company pick it up and deliver it for you. We work hard to offer the best freight prices for our equipment.

Business Address

Shipping your equipment to a business location is the most cost effective approach.

If there is a home on the property or if an 18 wheeler can not fit in the property it is NOT considered a business location to the freight company.

If you, personally, don’t have a business location with a forklift or dock we recommend finding a friend that does in order to save the most money $$$

Residential/Farm Address

A majority of people do not have access to a business location which is okay! Although it is a little bit more expensive to ship to a residential area, over 80% of our customers do it. We can also add a lift-gate to the delivery truck for easy unloading ($50 extra) if you do not have equipment to unload it.

Determining Region Type

When ordering a Treadmill or Walker you will be prompted to pick a region. Use this map and the key in the bottom left corner to match the color and region number. Once you select your region number in the dropdown bar it will automatically add the base shipping price to your total price.

United States of America, mainland Map Chart-3.png

Liftgate option

If you do not have a forklift, skid steer, or tractor with forks that can lift at least 500lbs you will need to select “yes” to the lift gate option. If you do not select this option and you use the carriers lift gate at delivery, you will be responsible for the $50 added charge for lift gate use.

Shipment Tracking

Freight companies are not as punctual as standard parcel services. Although we are given an estimated shipping date, it could be a couple days before or after that date.

Estimated shipping costs to Texas and Oklahoma are $250-$350

Estimated shipping costs to the rest of the country are $250-600