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Cattle Treadmill

Cattle Treadmill

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The product that has advanced the equine, sheep, and goat industries has made it to the cattle world.

 Running animals backwards on a treadmill allows you to intensely build muscle that is unable to be acquired through walking in a forwards motion.

Although you will be able to run cattle forwards on this machine, backwards will be the main function of this treadmill. Like lamb and goat treadmills, there is a front foot stand that allows you to only work cattle’s back legs.

Backwards running, intensely builds muscle in the hind quarters and top-line that cannot be found in any other workout. There is some fat burning qualities to running backwards but forwards running will accomplish that better.

This product is the first of its kind because of it’s ability to change the belt direction to forwards and backwards, as well as the removable front foot stand. The size of the cage and tie down points are specifically sized for multiple age ranges of cattle. The motor and gear reduction makes it significantly stronger than equine treadmills and only has a top speed of around 7 miles/hour to ensure a safe exercise program.

Genetics is always the main factor in a calf’s success but as seen in the lamb and goat industry, running backwards on a treadmill can take a average animal and make them good, a good animal and make them great, and a great animal and turn them unstoppable!

Over the past year we have designed and created a product that we believe will boost the industry to new heights. 

As a manufacturer of lamb and goat treadmills we are able to see how much of a necessity this product is in that industry and we are so excited to bring those results to the cattle industry!


Ability to run forwards and backwards

1/4" steel frame

20k lb capacity roller bed

Aluminum or stainless steel sides

Zero pinch-point adaptive ramps

Variable speed up to 7m/h

Inside dimensions: 8' long x 31" wide

Outside dimensions: 8' 2" long x 52" wide

Weight: 2600lbs


This product has a 4 week build time after ordering 


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