What is the lead and ship times for equipment once paid?

If the item purchased is not in stock then typically there is around a 2-3 week lead time. This is subject to change due to order quantity and availability. Ship times are typically 3-7 days depending on relativity to the shipping location.


What is the difference in your treadmill and another companies treadmill?

-We manufacture the most expensive component on our treadmill (the base).  With our In-house manufactured product are able to bring the price down drastically without compromising on quality.

-We produce our own motors that are built better than others

-We stock all replacement parts for warranty repairs or post warranty issues.

-Our treadmills come ready to use and fully assembled.

-Our treadmill can be purchased in numerous configurations (steel, aluminum or with our clear view side)


Do I need the divider inserts to run goats on the treadmill?

No, you do not need the inserts. It is more of a personal preference. They just shorten the width of the treadmill and pushes the goats away from the door. You can also purchase the inserts after you order the treadmill if you would prefer to have them later.


Is there a warranty on your equipment?

Yes, all Treadmills and Walkers include a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all components (motor, controller, belt, chain, sprockets etc.).  The warranty is a parts only warranty and does not include labor or service.  The warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only.  If the unit is returned to our location (at your cost) we will provide not only the parts but the labor as well.  The warranty is void if it is determined that the issue is due to neglect, mis-use, failure to maintain the unit.  Examples of this include but are not limited to (misaligned belt, storing in poor locations, oversized/untrained animals, under spec’d electricity, use of generators, lack of adult supervision etc..).

What is the difference in a Treadmill and Walker?

A treadmill is mainly used to build muscle in the hindquarters and Top-line of an animal. A Walker is mainly used for showring readiness and light conditioning.

How do you order a treadmill or walker?

To learn how to order a treadmill or walker click on the button below!

Where can I pick up a treadmill or walker?

Currently there are 5 places to pick up equipment.

Krum, TX- Manufacturing Facility (940) 395-7321

Brownwood, TX- Double H Mercantile- (325) 998-0492- Dealer

Wisner, NE- Final Drive Show Supply- (402) 641-1090- Dealer

Nichols, GA- Blue Ribbon Show Supply- (912) 592-5088- Dealer

Salem, IN- Tim Guthrie- (812) 620-1761- Dealer

Contact Info@livestockperformanceproducts.com for info on all 5 locations.


Is there tax on the purchase of a treadmill or walker?

Not typically, we don’t charge tax on items shipped out of state or to schools but we do require Texas residents to give us their Ag Exemption Number to refrain from paying taxes on the equipment.


Do you offer a discount if you purchase both a Walker and a Treadmill?

Yes! We offer a $100 discount if you purchase both a Walker and a Treadmill from us at the same time! Make sure to use Promo code “COMBO” at the checkout to receive the discount!