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Show Shaker

Show Shaker

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A product that has been used for decades in the equine industry for rehabilitation, muscle toning, and pastern correctness, is now available for lambs, goats, and hogs.

This Vibration table has 3 main benefits-

Muscle Toning- The table allows for better blood flow along with the natural tensing that the animal contributes allows for muscle building and toning without stressing joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Rehabilitation- This covers a lot of different applications, for example, the table acts as a great post workout machine that relaxes the stressed muscles and joints and most importantly it can move lactic acid buildup in the muscles to allow for a speedy recovery and less soreness so you can get the most get the most out of your workouts!

Pastern Correctness- As seen in the equine industry, the vibration table can help tighten the pasterns in animals with lazy and flat pasterns. As a common defect in the correctness of our show stock, this can help correct pasterns and give them a better look on the profile and travel the showring better.


Variable Speed Controller


1 HP

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We offer a dual motor and single motor variation of the Show Shaker Vibration Table.


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