Shagedelics Part 2- Hair Growth Pills

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These pills are to be used with our Shagedelics Part 1 pellets to add extra hair growing power with added melatonin! These pills only contain Melatonin and L-Theanine and should be fed with an additional hair supplement such as our Shagedelics Part 1 formula for maximum results.

We wanted to create a modular hair supplement program so you could control your animal's melatonin consumption down to a science. 

So in other words... these pills are mainly for increasing the melatonin amount of the hair supplement you feed daily

120 count pills

Each pill contains 10mg of Melatonin

Easy to administer

Allows dosage flexibility based on your program 

Pill form allows you to ensure desired consumption

For optimum results use with our Shagedelics Top Dress (sold separately)

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*Melatonin is not approved for food animals by the FDA